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$1,000 King of Kings Survivor Tournament

$1,000 King of Kings Survivor Tournament - 3:00 PM - Sundays  and 7:00 PM - Tuesdays & Thursday


Multiple ways to earn your free entry and additional starting chips based on the following:

No-Limit Hold’em & Omaha H/L:

  • Make any qualifying paid promotional hand
  • Ace’s Full or Better
  • Any Winning Flush
  • Losing with Pocket Kings (Aces Cracked rules apply)
  • Losing with any Full House
  • Place in the money in any scheduled buy-in tournament. No pot size requirement

General rules:

Initial qualifier gains entry into event with 1,000 starting chips. For every additional qualifier, players earn $200 in additional starting chips. Optional $15 starting add-on receives additional $5,000 tournament chips. All Surviving players with chips reaching the final table split the money evenly. Tables go hand for hand at 12 players. General tournament & house rules apply.

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